July 25, 2019

Training and Workshops

We offer a range of Aboriginal specific training sessions and workshops that are delivered in a providing professional, engaging and interactive approach.

  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training (3-6hrs)
  • Tailored Aboriginal Competency Training (2 - 4hrs)
  • Acknowledgement of Country Workshops (2-3hrs)
  • Cultural Safety & Connections in the workplace (3-6hrs)
  • Wanyaari Pre-Employment Programs
  • Workshop Facilitation


Wanyaari’s Aboriginal cultural awareness training will improve your understanding, awareness and respect of Aboriginal history and culture. This can enhance your engagement and working relationships with local Aboriginal clients and Communities.


For a program outline and quote please submit an enquiry form.



"I now have a deeper understanding and empathy for Indigenous Australians and the historical factors that continue to impact them today"

"This will invigorate, motivate/inspire and inform projects in my contributions to the Inclusion and diversity strategy here. It already motivated an all-staff email to encourage attendance at Reconciliation events this weekend"

"This training should be compulsory for all staff"

"So well presented, backed up with facts, great visual and audio elements and such a good presenter."

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